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Our very durable Parking lot stops are great to be placed on any garage. Just weighing 34 lbs, these Parking lot stops are very robust and very easy to carry. They can be placed just by one worker. They are made from long-lasting recycled rubber. This Parking lot stop will flex slightly to lie flat on uneven surfaces. Reflective layers setted in to increase night visibility. It has 4 mounting holes for permanent placement on asphalt or concrete road. Hardware is included.

Parking Blocks in Independence

  • Made of 80% virgin rubber and 20 percent recycled rubber, which makes it more durable. Will not chip like concrete, nor deform like plastic can. Rubber is a very durable wheelstop material. No need to repair.
  • At 1/10th the weight of a concrete parking block, rubber is lightweightand low maintenance.
  • High quality reflective layers made of road marking tape to improve night visibility and safety. Permanent reflective striping – no painting! Bonded stripes in yellow. Non-reflective parking blocks are considered to be tripping hazards for walkers.
  • Impervious to road salt. Parking lot stops will not chip in the sun.
  • 4 pre-drilled holes for stable installation on asphalt or concrete streets.
  • Installation hardware available. Select lag bolts for concrete placement and rebar spikes for asphalt installation.
  • Rubber fits to the depressions of the street while occasioning minimal vehicle damage upon impact.
  • Perfect for any garage.

Parking lot stops bring so much more benefits than customers usually think.

Designed for added durability at lower weight, Parking lot stops can be carried and placed by a single worker. LEED qualified and made from injection-molded, 100% recycled HDPE plastic, this top Parking lot stop is resistant to tyre scuffing and natural elements. The color is molded throughout – there’s no upkeep needed. Perfect for shopping mall parking lots.

Parking lot stop in Independence

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We are Parking lot stops manufacturer in Independence. Our Parking lot stops are made with highest standards following Independence regulations. We offer the best quality on the market. We have all of our products ready to be shipped right away. Please give us a call and one of our salesman will be more than happy to help you!

Parking lot stops give also a good look to any parking area.

One of Unimat Traffic top product is our Parking lot stop. This product is great to be placed in any parking zone, such as: schools, public, parking lots, public parks, private companies, mall parking building, even in private condos and residential areas. Unimat Parking lot stop are very cost effective, it has an excellent durability at a very low cost.

Testimonials about Parking lot stop

I love this Parking lot stops. They are very resistant. Ideal for indoor and outdoor parking areas.

Carol Howard


Superior products and exceptional follow up. Parking lot stop placement was very clean.

Nancy Butler


We were looking for an alternative to our old Parking blocks, and Unimat Parking lot stops were just what we needed.

Brandon Thompson


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Parking lot stop cost & dimensions table.

SKU Description Length Height Width Weight Quantity 1- 49 Quantity 50+
UPB01-3004-8 6 Foot Parking Block 6″ 4″ 5-7/8″ 34.00 $35.25 $34.40